"What would have become of me had I not believed that I would see the Lord's goodness in the land of the LIVING. Wait, hope for and EXPECT the Lord. Be strong and of good courage and may your heart (Ned) be sturdy and enduring.....Yes, Wait For and Hope For and Expect the Lord."

Psalm 27:13-14 (Amp)

Friday, February 8, 2008

A Short Post From Trav

Betsy has gone home to Cherryville to see Jack, Margaret and her family for the weekend, and I came up after work today to stay with Nedder (as I have started calling him for some odd reason...maybe b/c I call Jack, Jacker). I went home last night (Thursday) to get my truck out of the shop and see the progress on the house, then worked today and came back tonight. Anyway, Ned is still doing well tonight. They have gotten him down to 30mm on the jet vent, and the Dr. told me that we're getting close to being able to get on the regular vent, hopefully by the end of the weekend. The nurse gave him a bath tonight right before I got here (I think his 2nd bath, boy is he in for a rude awakening when we get him home... 2 baths in 3 weeks???... me and Jack tried to skip his bath once... and only once if you know what I mean... Betsy doesn't like her babies to be dirty!) and he was not very happy when I arrived. She cleaned his incision very well, and he didn't seem to like that. They have taken the stiches out of it, and it's kinda open right now, to let any infection that might try to set in come out (better out than in I always say ... OK those of you with kids who insist on watching Shrek 4,000 times a week get it). It was heart-breaking to see that on your little child, but I know it's for the best, and it will help in the long run. Anyway, I caught myself, just for a minute, thinking "Why us?". God immediately reminded me of when I was talking to Betsy's uncle, and my very good fishing buddy and friend in Christ of mine, Mark, even before Ned was born, back when we first found out about Ned's condition, and I said to him that I was wanting to ask God "Why us?", but wasn't sure if that was my place or not. He simply looked me dead in the eye, and said, "Why not you?". This sharp comment, loaded with truth, has stuck with me, and everytime I find myself overwhelmed by the circumstances, I always say to myself, "Why not us?". I am thankful that God is richly blessing us, and hopefully everyone who reads this blog, through this endeavor. Being in a place like this, you really realize that the saying "it could be worse" is absolutely true. My prayer is that someone who may be reading this blog about Ned's life so far will gain hope and faith and comfort in our Lord and Savior. I really think this blog was God-ordained, and I'm so thankful that my wife was "listening" enough to start this. It's amazing how God puts people and circumstances in our lives to speak to us for Him all the time, and we just miss them completely. I know I do. I can only imagine how it will feel when we are with Christ and he shows us what all we've missed along this journey. That brings me to the next lesson I learned tonight. When I got back up here to Chapel Hill, I found Betsy had left me some scripture that Ann (our Sat. morning Bible study teacher) had sent to us up here. It was from Isaiah 49:2 that says, "In the shadow of His hand hath He hid me - and made me a polished shaft - in His quiver He hid me!" She went on to write that we must all go through the shadowey parts of life, the darkness. But then she went on to say that in the darkness is where we grow exponentially. It is then, that he is polishing us. That dark shadow we're in is actually the shade of His hand, holding us just within reach, and never letting us go. I take comfort in the fact that even in the "dark" times, Christ still has a firm grasp on my family. When we are not seeing the light of day, we are actually being molded, groomed, and hopefully growing in our faith and everyday walk with the Lord!

I'm so thankful for all of you that God has put in our paths along the way. I thank God for all of you that are sending cards and flowers, calling, and faithfully lifting Ned and my famly up in prayer. We have met some incredible people up here also, like James and Honey, who themselves have little Delsin who was up in the NICU beside Ned. I ran into them tonight, and it's very comforting to know that people you just met and don't really know are actually praying for your little one, as we are for theirs. Please keep Delsin in your prayers as well.

OK, I'm done for the night.

Thanks to all of you again.

In Christ,



Tricia said...

It is incredible the number of life lessons we learn through being in "the depths of despair." (Sorry, a little Anne of Green Gables reference there! LOL) I sometimes find myself wondering how our lives would be different if our baby didn't have CDH and we had been able to take the "normal" course. Would it be different? YES. Would it be better? NO! We are learning so many valuable lessons by going through this. We've been able to see the body of Christ work. It has been beautiful. We've met people we would've never met before. We've witnessed people being drawn back to their faith after years of questioning. The Lord is doing so much through the life of our daughter. Is it easy to watch her endure this? No. But He truly does work ALL things together for good.

I loved your shadow analogy. To add to that... there would never be a "shadow" if there wasn't Light first! And we know Who the Light is, right?

Blessings to you!

Kim said...

Dear Betsy, Travis, Jack and Baby Ned, our prayer is that everyday that the stats on Baby Ned get better and better, he is a strong little one that is fighting hard, he is very special gift to your family and to all that know you and your faith and are here for you going through this time in your life. Even though this time is questionable about why, not many people could handle the way your family is, with such strong faith. Anyone that reads your messages each day has to be stronger because of the faith that you have in our Lord. With Love and our continued prayers, "The Alexander's, Kim, Donald, Emily and Brock

K said...

Betsy and Travis,

Once again you two simply amaze me! Just when I think that what I've read on your blog, couldn't get any closer to what I need to hear that day, surprise! Your words are so transparent and so real to all who read it. As I was sharing with a co-worker this week, who said to me "they have no idea how many people they are reaching", I agreed and commented that God is so AWESOME.. He is allowing the two of you to experience what most would never imagine, yet your experiences, thoughts, emotions, etc. hit most of us just where we are in life with perhaps a totally different situation. We are all in unique seasons of our life, and again, I thank both of you for your obedience to minister to others as you walk through the dark days as well as the days of light. May God continue to bless you as you have blessed others!
Love you guys!
Kim, Blair and Grant <><

Danielle, Jason, Landrie and Ava Wofford said...

Betsy and Travis,
We are praying so hard for baby Ned. We hope that he will continue to do well and be a very healthy little boy. I say all the time that you both are amazing, and it's so true.... NED AND JACK ARE SO LUCKY AND BLESSED!

In addition, I was wanting you both to know that some of your words of wisdom has helped me today with a situation on our hands. You both are such wonderful people and I just wanted you both to know that your strength and faith has helped many people, including me today.

Most importantly, we will continue to pray and just know that baby Ned is on our hearts all the time. May God bless you all!
Danielle and Jason Wofford