"What would have become of me had I not believed that I would see the Lord's goodness in the land of the LIVING. Wait, hope for and EXPECT the Lord. Be strong and of good courage and may your heart (Ned) be sturdy and enduring.....Yes, Wait For and Hope For and Expect the Lord."

Psalm 27:13-14 (Amp)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Breathing.....Oh Yeah!!

Well, they extubated Ned yesterday morning at 8:00am and transitioned him to the CPAP which still provides a good bit of pressure support. He did extremely well and Travis and I both got to hold him for about 30 minutes. It was wonderful!! I don't think we were the only ones that enjoyed it- Ned's oxygenation stats were the absolute best for the day when he was being snuggled- it warmed my heart. I thought, that's how it is when God holds us during our struggles. Ned's body wasn't in any better physical condition while we were holding him. His struggle to breathe remained, but he found rest, peace and comfort in arms. That's exactly what it's like to go through a deep valley with the Lord. The struggle is the same, but your response is supernaturally different.

Around 2:00pm, they transitioned him from the CPAP to the high-flow nasal cannula better known around the PICU as Vapotherm (it is absolutely necessary that you learn to speak in acronymns if you're going to survive conversationally in the PICU)!! So far, so good! Ned has been off the vent now for over 24 hours. The magic number is the 48 hour mark when they will pronounce this wean off the vent sucessful, so we'll keep the prayers coming at least till then....just to be safe!

Otherwise, I have little to share today. It seems like on days when Ned has great tasks before him, I completely exhaust myself encouraging and supporting him. Last night, I felt like I had run a marathon, but I actually just sat at his bedside all day? He is working his little body to death to learn to breathe, but for some reason I feel like I have had some major part in it, which I havent....sympathy pains, I guess?

Below are some pictures from our highly eventful day. He is looking great, although he got an old man hair-do during his bath on Monday night. I think the wild man hair-do suits him better!

Thank you and love and blessing to you all!

Betsy, Travis, Jack & Ned


Anonymous said...

Betsy and Travis, I am just praising the Lord today for these wonderful blessings! The pics of you two holding Ned are radiant! I find that its amazing how God has designed our bodies...and when they aren't doing what he has created them to do, what better place to go for help than the Maker.
All of us here in the Hefner household are continuing to lift your family up, asking the Lord for His name to be glorified in all that He is doing in your lives.

Please continue to pray for us as well. We are once again learning to "let go" of a child (Paul)...as he goes out into the world on his own. I guess you can see that the "letting go" process is a lifetime in the making!

Can't wait till you guys are home...isn't "home" just the sweetest word? Love you guys, Sherry Ps. 139

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for you both and for Ned! It's so wonderful to see pictures of him in your arms! We are continuing to pray for him daily. We've both been so encouraged reading how God is working in your lives. Thank you for being a "Jesus Freak" and sharing from your heart.
In Christ,
Ron, Michelle, and Clara

Anonymous said...

Betsy & Travis,
What a sweet and comforting picture to see you two cradling that sweet boy. We will be praying Ned up today that the breathing will continue to go well and that he makes the 48 hour mark. My heart is filled with joy for you all and just know that we love you all dearly! Tammy, Randy & Colby

Anonymous said...

Betsy and Travis,

I am so very happy for you both on Ned's progress. I check your blog every day for updates on Ned. He is obviously a very special little guy and I wish your entire family nothing but the best for the future. I am cheering for Ned's continued improvement and I anxiously await the next remarkable update on your blog.

Best wishes,
Tabitha Burke (Jan Elmore's daughter)

Jeannie said...

Betsy, I've been reading your blog at least a couple of times a week to keep up with Ned's progress. I was in the office a few days after you had Ned and Susie & Margaret filled me in on everyting that I had missed since I left. I've been praying for you & your family and I was so glad to see a picture of you smiling with your baby! Keep the faith and God will continue to bless you and use you to bring others closer to Him...love ya, Jeannie Philbeck

Anonymous said...

Betsy and Travis,
How precious to see those sweet pictures of you nesting Ned in your arms and how content he looks to be there. We are rejoicing and praising God for the work he has done in and through Ned. Love you, Krista

Gina said...

Congratulations!!! What a big accomplishment. Ned is a little miracle and we are always thinking about him.

Wyatt's Mom

Anonymous said...

Hey Betsy and Travis! I just now realized you could leave comments on here, so I wanted to tell you that even though I'm still in Spain, I've been keeping up with Ned through your blogs! All my friends here ask about him regularly and pray for him as well. I love the pictures of him, he is just so adorable!!

In other news, I am dating a boy I met here in Spain who is from Gastonia of all places, and he is a big tarheel fan and he loves the fact that Jack is a 'real' tarheel now :o) Cant wait till Jack and Ned have matching jerseys, hehe.

Thanks for keeping us all updated!! Im so happy Ned is doing so well!!
Steph Madison

Anonymous said...

Ned has the sweetest little face! I rush to the computer every morning to see what updates you guys have to share with everyone and then I always take a moment to praise God for all that he is doing for your family. I will continue to pray that his breathing progresses. All of my love, Natasha

Anonymous said...

Dear Betsy and Travis,
Ned looks like a little angel with that blonde hair, so glad you've finally been able to hold him.Hopefully soon he'll be home and Jack will be able to hold him as well.
Like all the others, I can't wait to check your blog everyday for the latest on Jack, but also to hear what you are learning on this journey. You have been so truthful and inspirational, as we are all just humans and get scared.
God has already proven that Ned and your family are on a mission for Him, and that He has a plan for you all.It amazes me when I see that people are reading this from all over the world. That must feel awesome to know that Ned has already touched so many lives in such a short time.
We prayed this morning that he continues to breathe well on his own,with just a little help from the nasal cannula.Hopefully that won't be needed for long as I'm sure that can be bothersome as well.
With love,
Donna, Jeremy, Garrett and Taylor