"What would have become of me had I not believed that I would see the Lord's goodness in the land of the LIVING. Wait, hope for and EXPECT the Lord. Be strong and of good courage and may your heart (Ned) be sturdy and enduring.....Yes, Wait For and Hope For and Expect the Lord."

Psalm 27:13-14 (Amp)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

How precious is the view from the Mountain Top

This has absolutely, hands-down, been the greatest day of my entire life!! I wish I could truely express the overwhelming feelings of thankfulness, joy, peace, relief, excitement, anticipation, and fulfillment that I have experienced today. If I weren't so old and out-of-shape, I could have turned cartwheels down the PICU hall all afternoon.

As I mentioned earlier, Dr. Stewert was thrilled with the outcome of the surgery. While, I could tell he was wanting to remain "cautiously optimistic", as any professional surgeon would, he couldn't help but looking like a kid on Christmas morning as he peered over Ned's bed for hours after the surgery. He just kept repeating (mostly to himself I think), this is "un-freaking-believeable". He also told me that the outcome was more than he would have dared to even ask for. I later thought, "not me, if you had any idea what all I had asked of God lately, this outcome may not shock you at all?" All I have been able to do all day is drop my head and say, "thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you....a million times over".

We had planned on staying in the hospital tonight becuase we expected his stats to be really unstable following such an invasive surgery on such an already tenuous child. The medical staff had prepared us for what they truely believed would be a really rocky recovery, if recovery was even feasible. We have really seen today that the staff had reached a consensus that Ned's chances of coming through the surgery without major complications were slim-to-none, so it was basically a party in our room all afternoon. However, his little stats have not only remained stable since the moment he was wheeled back in from the OR, but they are better than they have ever been and they are already working on weaning him off of the conventional vent. As usual, God provides over and above what we need and desire. All I was asking was that he be able to survive the surgery, but God has allowed Ned to be the all-star, super-hero child of the PICU. We may still have some battles to face with weaning, blood pressures, eating, and the last bowel surgery, but we feel like we have cleared the top of the mountain. Not so much even because Ned is doing so much better, but because when we continued to cling to and trust in God, He took us to heights that nobody thought were attainable. We have been blessed beyond measure and in a miraculous nature....today we have been able to rest on the mountain top in the arms of our Savior that carried us through our darkest hours!!

I wish I could begin to thank you all for all your prayers and do some justice to the gratitude I feel in my heart to each and every one of you. You will never know (until we all get to heaven), how your prayers affected our lives and the life of our child. In fact, last night, I couldn't sleep, but was too tired to pray so I asked God to wake up others to pray for me. If any of you were awakened....that's my fault? If at anytime I can ever repay you for your love and kindness, please know that I am so ready and willing to return and give back the blessings I have recieved.

When I got to talk to little Ned today, I told him, "you have already built such a living legacy." I can't wait to teach him about how the Lord used his life to touch the lives of others in the name of Christ and for him to really be able to take in all the goodness that was bestowed on his little life. I am always trying to teach my Sunday School kids about what I call foundations of faith. These are the times in your life when you knew, that you knew, more than anything in the world, that there was a real and personal God doing a work in your life. These foundations of faith are there for you to lean on in times of struggle so you don't crumble under the pressures. I can look back now and see how God was preparing Travis and I for this journey for at least all most 3 years. I am so thankful for the work He has done in and through our family. I am thankful that he reveals Himself to us before He takes us through difficulties so we know we can lean on the power of His presence.

Last thought for the night....I looked at his little body this afternoon, so pink now, and I thought to myself, "you were labled a reject, not worth saving. Doctors told me to scrap you and start over. But I knew then that you were a blessing in disguise and you were so worth saving!" That's how we all are. We're all a bunch of labeled rejects, nothing to offer, and not worth saving. But God looked upon us and loved us in His fatherly way and knew how beautiful we could be (they way He created us to be). And He did what any loving father would do, He gave all that He had to ensure our safety and security though salvation. It makes so much sense when it's put into perspective doesn't it?

Love you all!

Betsy, Travis, Jack & Ned


Amy AKA "Baba" said...

This is absolutely wonderful! I am so elated for little Ned. I can't wait to see more pictures and here of his amazing progress. These babes are little miracles!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome journey. There is no need to give personal thanks, God is the one who needs the thanks. It is amazing what he can do when we ask. It is wonderful of the lives He has touched thru your son. Thank you for showing others HIS AWESOME LOVE and POWER.
Keep Believing
Callie Clark Billings

Cam Dean said...

What amazing news! It is awesome to see how God is working through these doctors and using medicine to display His ultimate Glory and Power...thank you so much for the testimony of faith...I will continue to share this testimony w/my colleagues in school and my brothers and sisters in Christ here in NJ...how uplifting to us who have been praying and about to enter the field of medicine! Thank you so much Betsy, Travis, Jack and NED! God Bless your Family

Cam Dean

Meredith Gaddy said...

Such wonderful news! Praise God! We're continuing to pray for Ned's recovery and look forward to hearing of continued progress.

Meredith and Tom

lorie said...

Betsy and Travis,

Halleluyah! Praise God!
God is amazing! I have had my Bible study praying as well. We(the Pruitt's and CBS Bible study)have been praying from the start and will continue.

As I said to Robin, Anything you need, just ask. Meals, babysitting, etc.

Anonymous said...

Praise God!!! He is so good!!! Sometime around midnight I was just beginning to drift in and out of sleep and I woke completely up and prayed for you and Ned then fell right to sleep. But i think you did wake up Emily, she told me yesterday she kept waking up and hearing God tell her to pray for Ned! I'm sure she won't hold it against you though lol! We are all rejoicing in the great news and will continue praying for yall! Thank you for your faith and letting God work through you!

fantasytracker said...

I am so happy things are going so well...as you know the mystery as to why is not a mystery to the Prayer group, friends, family and especially Betsy and Travis. It is still a mystery to Ned, but one day his parents will explain it all to him. A 7 fold miracle and counting. A living testament to Jesus Christ as Lord is an amazing thing in this world, always has been. Miracles do happen...Ned is livng proof. I'm so happy about this. I printed out the (On the mountain top) blog and I also sent it via e-mail to some of my friends for Valentines day. It seemed appropriate to me. I can't wait to get to the the Bible study Saturday to talk about this blog.

Matthew Hallman

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to send out a "Happy Valentine's Day!" to all the Dellinger Family...and the Cox Family too.
We are still praying for a wonderful time of recovery. Hope you are continuing to do well. We miss you!

Nancy said...

Betsy, Travis & little Ned,
What a miracle Ned's first Valentine.s Day has been! I'm sure we will all remember the miracle and thank God for it each and every Valentine's Day to come! Hope Ned continues on the upward swing and will astound everyone with his speedy recovery! And at least I know now why I woke up at about 2:30a this morning with Ned on my mind. Thanks a lot Betsy!