"What would have become of me had I not believed that I would see the Lord's goodness in the land of the LIVING. Wait, hope for and EXPECT the Lord. Be strong and of good courage and may your heart (Ned) be sturdy and enduring.....Yes, Wait For and Hope For and Expect the Lord."

Psalm 27:13-14 (Amp)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What a Rollercoaster....

I knew when we were in the intensive care units that they expected Ned's healing process to be like a rollercoaster....lots of ups and downs. Somehow, I feel like the ride has gotten much more bumy since we have gotten home. Not that his condition is in any respect as critical as it once was, but Ned is having a hard time maintaining a "well" status.

For the past month he has been battling several respiratory respiratory viruses which have finally developed into a pneumonia. I think he is past the worst of it...he just continues to struggle with a nasty cough, low-grade fever and lots of extra secretions which he isn't that capable of handling well. I'll be so glad when he isn't yacking and gagging up stuff out of his lungs. He's quite a pitiful site during those little episodes.

Other than that, we met with another feeding therapists while in the hospital last week. After working with him and looking at the results of his latest swallow study, she thinks he is very teachable as far as eating goes. That was very encouraging news to us, so I'll start working with him closely until the feeding therapist in our area returns from maternity leave. I would like to hurry things along, but I think it is important that we work with a therapist who is similar to those he has worked well with in the past.

It's just such a new kind of life with everything up in the air all the time, but I am continually reminded about how blessed we have been to be able to keep Ned here with us. It is so difficult to know all these other children who are coming into the world who aren't meant to stay here. It always puts my problems and Ned's medical issues back in perspective. Please continue to pray for these precious children and their families.

Hopefully, I'll get some simblance of a routine again soon so I can begin updating regularly again. I'll also try to take some updated pictures of the kids.

Much love and blessings to you all!
Travis, Betsy, Jack and Ned