"What would have become of me had I not believed that I would see the Lord's goodness in the land of the LIVING. Wait, hope for and EXPECT the Lord. Be strong and of good courage and may your heart (Ned) be sturdy and enduring.....Yes, Wait For and Hope For and Expect the Lord."

Psalm 27:13-14 (Amp)

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Funny How God Works!?

There isn't very much to report on Ned's condition today. He has continued to do well with the feeds increase. As of this morning he is getting 36mL's every three hours...I think. I could be off course a little, but that figure changes so frequently that I loose track of where we are and what day it is?

The occupational therapist is coming today to work with Ned on his sucking and swallowing and range of motion. Because I fully realize that this hurdle is going to be our longest process, I was gearing him up for it in his sleep last night- which means I was praying over him! I was just basically asking God to allow that natural, inate instict to return to little Ned. When I looked down, Ned was just sucking away on the inside of his jaws. I thought to myself, maybe now would be a good time to offer him the passy. So I prayed, "God, if this will help him, please let him take it." He didn't even begin to open his mouth for it...just kept sucking away on the inside of his mouth. So I start asking God why Ned won't take the passy. God said,"Betsy, you asked ME to help Ned and I will, but I don't need your assistance." I found that God's reasoning made perfectly good sense to me so I took the opportunity to leave early and go to the grocery store.

I tell you all of this so I can share how God is working even in the little things like a deviation from routine or schedule. While I am in the kitchen putting up the groceries I finally took the time to go purchase, I met a lady whose 2-year-old fell into a brush fire and has severe burns (his name is Veda). As we were talking and sharing she began to tell me how she had never really given over her whole self to Jesus and how she felt God was using her situation to bring her into a deeper relationship with Him. I had the opportunity to share with her how God had worked in my life and through Ned's situation and it was really good! She'll be here for several months so I'm sure I'll be seeing lots of her. But, if I hadn't listened to God telling me that he was capable of tending to Ned all on His own last night, then God wouldn't have been able to use me at the RMH to speak to a woman who is seeking!! I'm so glad I left Ned....it allowed me to catch another glimpse of God which is always so exciting....back on a mountain top!!

All I have to say today is Go Heels!!!

Love and Blessings to you all-
Betsy, Travis, Jack & Ned


Danielle & Jason Wofford said...

Betsy & Travis -
Jason and I are continuing our prayers for the adorable "Ned the Great!" We appreciate your communication with all of us and also allowing us to be part of his beautiful life.
Please know that we are praying for you both too. I hope that you know that you have touched so many lives everyday with your inspirational and touching stories about God's little miracle, Ned.

God bless you all!
Danielle & Jason Wofford

Kim said...

Just wanted you to know that all of you are in our constant prayers! I pray that the occupational therapist can help Ned through this journey that all of you have to go through, and that each day will bring peace and comfort. With Love and Prayers, The Alexander's, Donald, Kim, Emily and Brock