"What would have become of me had I not believed that I would see the Lord's goodness in the land of the LIVING. Wait, hope for and EXPECT the Lord. Be strong and of good courage and may your heart (Ned) be sturdy and enduring.....Yes, Wait For and Hope For and Expect the Lord."

Psalm 27:13-14 (Amp)

Friday, March 21, 2008

Beginnings of a Comeback

Ned began on his road to recovery today. It began with extubation first thing this morning. He was put right back on the vapotherm at 3 liters of pressure which was exactly where he was just prior to surgery. He was stating at 100% tonight so I imagine they'll continue weaning him on his pressure again tomorrow. If I can say anything about Ned today it is that he has gotten some really good rest....almost too good! When Travis and I visited this morning, we decided not to hold him or mess with him today since he was sleeping so well. We just wanted him to be able to recouperate from the surgery without us causing him further pain where he received his latest incision. So, during the morning visit, we just looked at him for a couple hours. That truely is a blessing most people really don't experience with their children. I know with Jack, I would watch him sleep for a few minutes, but then I would take that time to try to make some headway in my "to-do" list. I spent most of the time he slept, washing clothes, taking a shower, making beds....just daily chores. However, since I have absolutely nothing I have to do on a daily basis here, I have spent entire days doing nothing but looking at my son rest (or struggle-depending on the day). In that time, I have learned so much about him. I know which side he prefers to lay on, his favorite song ("God Will Make a Way"), how he likes to keep his arms up at his face, how he cannot stand a even a damp diaper and how he roots his head up into my hand when I lay in in the bed and he is wanting to be held. I'm not sure if I missed those clues with Jack because I was a first time mother and the least little sign he showed of discomfort, I panicked and called my Mom to come help me or if I just wasn't taking the time to pay close enough attention. At any rate, I am thankful that I have been able to really know Ned at any early age.

When we returned to the hospital tonight we found a child that was so drugged up he had neglected to cough and clear the secretions out of his lungs all day. We couldn't get him to awaken at all so they cut his pain medications some more and put Travis and I on physical therapy duty. All that basically means is that we rocked Ned and beat him on the back for hours to try to break-up any congestion in his lungs and stimulate him enought to provoke him to cough on his own. Travis went first and although he was somewhat unnerved at first, he became quite comfortable swating little Ned on the back. After almost 4 hours of the therapy session, we went to put little Ned back in his bed (with the nurses help). As soon as he got back in his bed, he began de-stating. His stats were hanging in the upper 70's to mid 80's. Our nurse was suctioning his lungs and getting up some fluid, but then the respiratory therapist came in and noticed that the vapotherm had become disconnected....he wasn't getting any air? Once she hooked him back up, his stats jumped right back up to 100%!!

One more thing....have I mentioned how I love very specific prayers and how I love to see them answered. I had requested that everyone pray that Ned will be able to learn to suck and swollow and tonight we got a little foretaste of his ability. When he had gotten really upset during the de-stat episode, so Travis went to offer him a passy when it was over. I was thinking that he was going to get more upset since he has always clamped down like Fort Knox and rejected sucking on the passy in the past. However, much to my dismay, he sucked on the passy for about 5 minutes (sucking and swollowing)....just one day after I began to pray for just that. How precious is God and faithful to his followers.

Please keep the prayers coming- they're obviously working!

Love you all!!!
Betsy, Travis, Jack and Ned


Cadenne Hope's Grandma said...

So glad to hear of Ned's progress! God is good!

Anonymous said...

Hey Betsy and Travis!
I just wanted to let you know that we've been praying for baby Ned. When we're saying our prayers at night, Noah always remembers and says and "Mama, how is that little baby boy doing". I wish so many times that we could have the same innocence of a child. But I had to share this with you... Tues. night we had prayed for his surgery the next day and when I finished Noah said "how about letting baby Ned live with us so he won't have to be in the hospital anymore". I had to then explain that he has his own mommy and daddy (and brother). I guess when I say my prayers with him he misses the prayers for you all. I can assure you that I've been praying for each of you daily. Thanks so much for allowing so many of us to be truly blessed through this experience with ya'll.
Jennifer Abernethy

Kim said...

I am so glad he wanted the passy, he is ready to suck and swallow, that is so wonderful, I am so glad that he is recuperating and I pray that each day there is more and more improvement. We will continue our prayers for all of you! We hope that you have a very special Easter. Sincerely, The Alexander's Kim, Donald, Emily and Brock

Kim said...

Just wanted to wish you guys a Happy Easter and I hope Baby Ned is recovering well. Was thinking about all of you! You are always in our prayers, Sincerely, The Alexander's Kim, Donald, Emily and Brock

Anonymous said...

Prayers speak in numbers. Isn't it great to know that the Lord provides and all we have to do is just ask in his name.
In continued prayer
Callie Billings