"What would have become of me had I not believed that I would see the Lord's goodness in the land of the LIVING. Wait, hope for and EXPECT the Lord. Be strong and of good courage and may your heart (Ned) be sturdy and enduring.....Yes, Wait For and Hope For and Expect the Lord."

Psalm 27:13-14 (Amp)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Uneventful Doctor's Appointment....Yeah!!!

I had my first weekly visit with my regular midwife in Kings Mountain today. I was somewhat apprehensive since we have planned to leave for NYC tomorrow. Lots of normal readings.....measuring normal (which means my amniotic fluid levels can't be too high), no gestational diabetes, normal blood pressure and normal hemoglobin. These were test results that I would have taken for granted during my first pregnancy, but now I am so thankful to receive them!!

From this point forward, I will go to my regular doctor's office weekly and have ultrasounds scheduled for every other week either at CMC or Chapel Hill. For the moment, I'm just going to give God praise for the wonderfully uneventful visit today and focus on being Thankful.....what a fitting time of year to do so!!

I hope everyone has a very blessed and happy Thanksgiving.


Ashley said...

Wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Holly Camp said...

Hi Janet, you don't know me. I am an employee at BB&T and my assistant Linda Cutler knows your friend Janet Anthony. The reason I know about your situation is b/c I just gave birth to a baby girl named Vivian-Layne and she was diagnosed with an Omphalocele at 20 weeks gestation. That particular birth defect means that part of the baby's abdomen is on the outside instead of the inside. It can contain all or a portion of the bowels, liver, kidneys, intestines, or stomach. I think from what I was told of your little angel that his heart is on the outside? Is that correct?

Well, I wanted to take a moment and first say that I feel like family with you just b/c of your faith. My husband and I have put God first in our lives for many years and he has never failed us yet. We're like David when he said "I've never seen the righteous forsaken or God's seed begging bread." He has truly blessed us and I can feel your pain and trust me I owe it to God and everyone else to hit my knees for your baby b/c we had prayer from churches all over the world and I am in debt to the people who sacraficed their time and energy to pray for my need. My husband and I decided just as you have, not to have the amnio. Afterall we would not have aborted her anyway. We delivered at CMC-Northeast and our surgeons were Dr Hoover and Dr Saad. We had poor prognosis as well. 50% of babies with an Omplalocele will have other major birth defects and 40% of those babies will have a chromosone defect and will die. I feel like I have lived in your shoes. We had to wait patiently for about 20 weeks to find out what we were really facing. I will tell you though, that God showed up right on time. Vivian-Layne was born 4 weeks early b/c I got an infection from my Picc line that I had due to my vomiting and dehydration. She was born with the Omphalocele but blessidly no other defects at all. The doctors under the hand of God did the surgery and my precious little angel was home in 1 1/2 weeks. The nicu nurses said no other baby with that same problem has ever gone home sooner than 3 weeks. God just kept blessing and answering prayers like you wouldn't believe. I only thought I trusted him before this battle, but I can honestly say he has truly increased our faith and this trial while so big in the beginning began and even bigger testimony of Jesus Christ and his power!!!! There is none like him, to God be the glory. Please feel free to look at Vivian-Layne's website at www.babyhomepages.net and search Camp. Then go to Holly Camp and you will see the miracle God gave us.....also I remember how alone I felt during that time and I would love to talk to you if you would like. My email address is jonathanholly0925@yahoo.com

I will be praying and fasting for you and your family!!!! God has his reason.